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The LAPC 2015 committee are please to nominate the following papers to the best paper competitions 

IET Best Student Paper nominees

  1. "A High Impedance Surface for Improving the Radio Frequency Magnetic Field for a 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance System" Ismail Issa, Kenneth Lee Ford, James Wild and Madhwesha Rao (University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
  2. "A Back-to-Back Beam Switching Microstrip Patch Antenna" Kansheng Yang, Xiu Long Bao and Max James Ammann (Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland)
  3. "Methods of Connector S-Parameter Extraction Depending on Broadband Measurements of Symmetrical Structures" Simon Müller (Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany); Andreas R. Diewald (Hochschule Trier, Germany)
  4. "Simulating Specular Reflections for Point Cloud Geometrical Database of the Environment" Usman Tahir Virk (Aalto University, Finland); Jean-Frederic Wagen (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Fribourg, Switzerland); Katsuyuki Haneda (Aalto University, Finland)
  5. "Compact Multiband Sensing MIMO Antenna Array for Cognitive Radio System"    Stanislav Stefanov Zhekov, Alexandru Tatomirescu and Gert Pedersen (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Best Non-student Paper nominees

  1. "T-Shaped Decoupling Network for Wideband Isolation Improvement Between Two Strongly Coupled Antennas"    Linsheng Li and Sathya Narayana Venkatasubramanian (Aalto University, Finland); Anu Lehtovuori and Clemens Icheln (Aalto University & School of Electrical Engineering, Finland); Mikko Heino and Katsuyuki Haneda (Aalto University, Finland)
  2. "Feasibility of Multi-Probe Over-the-Air Antenna Test Methods for Frequencies Above 6 GHz"    Afroza Khatun (Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Finland); Katsuyuki Haneda, Mikko Heino and Linsheng Li (Aalto University, Finland); Pekka Kyösti (Anite Telecoms Oy, Finland); Ruiyuan Tian (Microsoft, Finland)
  3. "Optimal Sampling Interpolation Over a Plane From Transient Bi-Polar Near-Field Data"    Francesco D'Agostino, Flaminio Ferrara, Claudio Gennarelli, Rocco Guerriero and Massimo Migliozzi (University of Salerno, Italy)
  4. "Expedited Geometry Scaling of Antenna Structures by Means of Inverse Surrogate Modeling"    Slawomir Koziel (Reykjavik University, Iceland); Adrian Bekasiewicz (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)
  5. "A Comparison of Antenna Efficiency Measurements Performed in Two Reverberation Chambers Using Non-reference Antenna Methods"    Chong Li (National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom); Tian Hong Loh (UK, National Physical Laboratory, United Kingdom); Zhihao Tian, Qian Xu and Yi Huang (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)