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Eva and Stuart, the joint Chairs of LAPC 2016 would like to invite you to participate in this successful series of two-day Antennas and Propagation conferences. Now holding its 12th annual event, LAPC 2016 will be held at Burleigh Court Hotel at Loughborough University, UK on 14th - 15th November 2016. For those who have a little longer to spare, there will also be an informal welcome drinks reception on Sunday 13th and workshops on the 16th November. Registration for these workshops will open closer to the date.

If you have attended before you will be aware of the excellent 4 Star conference venue and the special single strand format of our conference.  Delegates staying at Burleigh Court Hotel will have access to discounted room rates.

All accepted papers will be presented through Poster Presentation, allowing time for detailed discussions.  The conference program runs sequentially which means there are no other oral presentations or events during all the poster sessions.  Posters must be A0 portrait format and printed in colour. We offer an A0 poster printing service for £15.00 (including tax) so that you can avoid bring the poster with you. The poster electronic file must be sent to us well in advance of the conference.

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Conference Topics
  • Active and Integrated Array Antennas
  • Adaptive and Reconfigurable Antennas
  • Antenna feeds and matching circuits
  • Antenna interactions and coupling
  • Antenna systems and architectures
  • Array antennas
  • Automotive Antennas
  • Cellular mobile communications (includes: base station, handheld devices)
  • Conformal antennas
  • Dielectric resonator antennas
  • EMI/EMC/PIM chamber design, measurements and instrumentation
  • End-to-end system testing
  • Energy harvesting and scavenging
  • Frequency and polarisation selective surfaces
  • General antenna measurements
  • High-power antennas
  • Imaging and inverse scattering
  • Lens antennas and radomes
  • Measurement standards and range comparisons
  • Measurements of radar scattering and radar calibration techniques
  • Millimeter-wave, submillimeter-wave and TeraHertz antennas
  • MIMO, antenna diversity, smart and signal processing antennas
  • Multiband and wideband antennas
  • Optical Technology in Antennas
  • Reflectarrays and transmit arrays
  • RFID and sensor networks
  • Satcom on-the-move terminal antennas
  • Slotted-, guided- and leaky-wave antennas
  • Small antennas and RF sensors
  • UWB antennas and time-domain techniques
  • UWB or frequency-independent antenna measurements
  • Wearable antennas
  • Wire antennas
  • Advances in near-field, far-field, compact and RCS test rangesEarth-Space & Terrestrial Propagation
  • Aeronautical and maritime propagation
  • Body-centric propagation
  • Channel-sounding techniques and channel-estimation techniques
  • HF propagation
  • Indoor propagation
  • Joint antenna-channel issues in propagation
  • Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave propagation
  • Multi-link MIMO and cooperative channels
  • Navigation, localisation, positioning and tracking
  • Outdoor/urban propagation
  • Outdoor-to-indoor propagation
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) testing of antennas and wireless devices in multipath
  • Polarisation issues in propagation
  • Propagation aspects in remote sensing
  • Propagation effects for radio-astronomy and deep space communications
  • Propagation in complex media (underground, etc)
  • Propagation in random media and diffuse scattering
  • Propagation/interaction with natural media (surface/vegetation)
  • Radio astronomy
  • Radio climatology
  • Satellite communications
  • Satellite passive and active remote sensing
  • Satellite propagation modelling and measurement campaigns
  • Scattering, diffraction and RCS
  • Trans-ionospheric propagation
  • Tropospheric propagation
  • UWB propagation
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure channels
  • Wireless networks (includes: WLAN, indoor communication)
  • Wireless power transfer
Related Topics
  • Advanced RF materials, meta-materials and EBG
  • Biomedical (includes: human body interaction, on-body antennas, electromagnetic exposure and interactions)
  • Fundamental research
  • Printed elements, baluns and associated circuits
  • Reflector, feed systems and components
  • RF materials characterisation, test techniques and facilities
  • Short-range Giga-bit communications


At least one author from each paper must register and attend the conference for the paper to be included in the proceedings and submitted to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.  Each delegate is only allowed to present 2 posters.  All accepted papers are listed on Scopus.

With Best Regards,

Associate Professor Eva Rajo-Iglesias,  University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain

Dr Stuart Gregson NSI-MI Technologies, USA and Queen Mary, University of London, UK