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Dr Chinthana Panagamuwa

MEng (Hons), DIS, PhD, MIEEE

Chinthana Panagamuwa received the Master of Engineering (MEng) degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the PhD degree on "An Investigation of Transmission Line Switching and Frequency Shifting in Dipole Antennas Using Optically Activated Silicon Switches" from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Loughborough University, UK in 2000 and 2005 respectively.

Since 2007 he is a lecturer in Photonic Systems at the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering at Loughborough University.  His research interests are in optically activated semiconductor switches for microwave circuits, devices and antennas.  He also conducts research on specific absorption rates due to mobile communications devices. >> read more