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This year LAPC will be awarding two different prizes; one for best student paper and one for the best non-student paper.  Student papers must be presented by a student.

During the first invited speaker session on the Monday morning, all candidates will give a 2 minute oral presentation to the delegates.  The authors will then be available to discuss their work in more detail during the the Monday morning poster session. 

IET Best student paper prize:

Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed papers, each receiving £100, £75 and £50 worth of book vouchers respectively.  Papers are nominated for this prize based on the reviewers' marks and recommendations.  An independent panel of judges will be responsible for awarding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  The nominees for these prizes are:

  1. 3D Small Antenna for Energy Harvesting Applications on Implantable Micro-devices by Pedro Anacleto, Evin Gultepe
  2. A Monopole Water Antenna by Lei Xing, Yi Huang, Saqer S. Alja'afreh, Stephen Boyes
  3. Comparing On-Body Dynamic Channels for Two Antenna Designs by Ramona Rosini, Raffaele D'Errico
  4. Optimising the Performance of an Optically Controlled Microwave Switch by Emma K. Kowalczuk, Rob Seager, Chinthana J Panagamuwa, Kevin Bass, J (Yiannis) Vardaxoglou
  5. Reconfigurable Phased Array Antennas with RF-MEMS on a PCB Substrate by Christian James Aguilar Armenta, Stuart Porter, Andy Marvin
  6. Tx-Rx Isolation Exploiting Tunable Balanced - Unbalanced Antennas Architecture by Alexandru Tatomirescu, Osama Alrabadi, Gert Pedersen

Best non-student paper prize:

The best ranked non-student papers recommended by the reviewers' have been nominated for this £100 cash prize.  The competition is judges by the Chairs.  The nominees for this prize are:

  1. 60 GHz Patch Antenna Using IPD Technology by Diane Titz, Bisognin Aimeric, Fabien Ferrero, Cyril Luxey, Gilles Jacquemod, Claire Laporte, Hilal Ezzeddine, Mario Valente, Patrice Brachat
  2. Low-cost Beam-Switching Circularly-Polarised Antenna Using Tunable High Impedance Surface by Haitao Liu, Tian Hong Loh, Steven Gao
  3. Environmental Modification to Enhance Indoor Wireless Communication System by Nidal Eyad Qasem, Rob Seager
  4. Compact WSN Antennas of Analytic Geometry Based on Chebyshev Polynomials by Constantine G. Kakoyiannis, Philip Constantinou
  5. The Off-Axis, Time-Domain Response of Conical Log Spiral Antennas by James S. McLean, Robert Sutton, Heinrich Foltz
  6. Experimental Evaluation of Ultra Wideband Propagation and Transmission Within a Spacecraft for Replacing Wired Interface Buses by Shinichiro Hamada, Astushi Tomiki, Tomoaki Toda, Takehiko Kobayashi

The prizes will be awarded at the Banquet on Monday night.