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Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference 2010

Thank you to all our Invited Speakers, Authors and Delegates for making LAPC 2010 such a success. Over 99% of registered delegates attended and, as always, the atmosphere was informal and open; the perfect setting for ideas exchange.

Special thanks are also due, of course to our Joint Chairs for 2010. Without them LAPC 2010 would not have ben the success that it was:

 Professor Dirk Manteuffel Professor Dirk Manteuffel
Professor of Wireless Communications at Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany read profile 
 John Batchelor John Batchelor
Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering and Reader at the University of Kent, UK read profile

Footage of Day One of Conference is now available online at the IET website. Click here to view the video footage.

Follow these links for 2010 Conference Sessions and LAPC 2010 photos.

Congratulations to the winners of our four Best Paper Prizes:

Best Student Paper Prizes were awarded to

Xianyue Wu
first author of

Novel Yagi-Uda Antennas for On-Body Communication at 60GHz

and to

Nathan Dumont
first author of

Use of Parabolic Equation Propagation Model to Predict TV Whitespace Availability


Best Paper Prizes were awarded to

Francesco D’Agostino
first author of

NF-FF Transformation with Helicoidal Scan for Long Antennas: Positioning Errors Compensation

and to

Florian Ohnimus
first author of

Design and Characterization of a Small Encapsulated UHF RFID Tag for Wood Log Monitoring


The James Roderick James Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to

Professor Peter Clarricoats CBE,  FRS,  FREng Hons, FIEE  Life Fellow of IEEE, FIP  

Congratulations to all the prize winners.

LAPC has now completed its 6th anual conference. The full LAPC 2010 Conference Programme shows what happened when.

LAPC 2011 has been confirmed for 14th & 15th November 2011 at Loughborough.

To maximise the opportunity for productive networking, we are continuing the successful format of a series of high-grade Invited Speaker talks followed by open poster sessions co-located with high quality exhibitors. With no parallel oral sessions you miss nothing! Special posters providing information on the research activities of participating academic research groups will also be included this year.

As always LAPC will be a cost effective opportunity for the presentation, discussion and promotion of the very highest level developments and research in the Antennas and Propagation fields.

Conference Schedule 2010

Sunday 7th November 6-10pm Registration

Monday 8th November 8am-9am Registration

INVITED SESSION 1                                                   9:15-11:15am

New EM Modelling and Measurement Techniques

Keynote Talk: New Strategies in Computational Electromagnetics for Solving Real-World Problems

Professor Raj Mittra (Pennsylvania State University, USA)


Invited Talk: A Generalized Bias Function Framework for Integral and Differential Equations in Electromagnetics

Proessor Leo Kempel (Michigan State University, USA)


Invited Talk: Observational Science at Millimetre Wavelengths: Imaging, Imagining and Exciting!

Professor. Clive Parini and Dr. Robert Donnan, (Queen Mary University London, UK)


Invited Talk: Understanding Body-centric Antennas

Dr. Rob Edwards, (Loughborough University, UK)


POSTER SESSION 1 and Refreshements 11:15-12:45 (Please download full programme for details)


INVITED SESSION 2                                                2:00–4:00pm

Advanced Wireless Communication Antenna Technology

Invited Talk: Real-time Adaptation of Mobile Antenna Impedance Matching

Dr. Kevin Boyle (NXP)


Invited Talk: Handset Antennas: The Next Five Years

Professor Brian Collins (Antenova)


Invited Talk: Broadband Dual-Pol Antenna Arrays for Diversity, MIMO and Beam Steering

Professor Roland Gabriel, (Kathrein)


Invited Talk: Considerations for the Design of Antennas Embedded in Mobile Communications Devices

Dr. Marta Martinez-Vazquez (IMST)


POSTER SESSION 2 and Refreshements 4.00-5.30pm (Please download full programme for details)


Key After Dinner Speech: History and Challenges of Space Antennas

Dr. Ing. Antoine G. Roederer, (Scientific Advisor for Delft University of Technology - IRCTR, Holland)


Tuesday 9th November 2010

INVITED SESSION 3                                      9:30-11:30am

Personal and Body Area Network Propagation

Keynote Talk: Basic Characteristics of Wearable Antennas for Body-Centric Wireless Communications

Professor Koichi Ito (Chiba University, Japan)


Invited Talk: Surface and Creeping Waves Excitation by Body-Worn Antennas

Professor Peter Hall (Birmingham University, UK)


Invited Talk: Medical Applications of the Ultra Wideband Technology

Dr. Elena Pancera (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)


Invited Talk: Pedestrian Effects in Indoor UWB Off-Body Communication Channels

Professor William Scanlon (Queen's University Belfast, UK)


POSTER SESSION 3 and Refreshements 11:30-1:00pm (Please download full programme for details)


INVITED SESSION 4                                     2:00-4:00pm

Antennas and Propagation in the Built Environment

Keynote Talk: Physical Layer Engineering for Indoor Wireless Systems in the Twenty-First Century

Dr. Michael Neve (Auckland University, New Zealand)


Invited Talk: The Wireless Friendly Building

Professor Tony Brown (Manchester University, UK)


Invited Talk: The Ultra-Wideband Indoor Radio Channel: Antenna and Propagation Aspects

Dr. Jürgen Kunisch (IMST, Germany)


Invited Talk: High Bandwidth Indoor Measurements

Professor Sana Salous (Durham University, UK)


POSTER SESSION 4 and Refreshements 4:00-5:30pm (Please download full programme for details)

Wednesday 10th November Free CST Workshop and IMST EMPIRE Workshop places for LAPC Delegates-places are limited and reservation is required


LAPC 2010 Conference Programme contains details of timings and full content details. Download your copy here.


"History and Challenges of Space Antennas" Key Dinner Speech: Dr. Ing. Antoine G. Roederer, Scientific Advisor for Delft University of Technology - IRCTR, Holland

Banquet places are still available.

Papers for Poster Presentations have been selected from a broad range of other topics within the Antennas and Propagation field allowing extensive opportunities for discussion.

LAPC 2010 will again take place within the single 4-star luxury conference venue of Burleigh Court on-site at Loughborough University.

FREE Workshop spaces are still available for Wednesday! Book Here!

Click here for more Information on LAPC 2010, including it's scope.

LAPC is supported by Loughborough University

We are looking forward to another successful conference and hope to see you there!

Paper Submission is now closed. Our thanks to all the LAPC 2010 authors and to the Technical Programme Committee who have ratified their quality and, in many cases, provided pointers and advice.

As always, thanks should go to all our sponsors (see below). It is their support that helps to keep delegate prices so low year on year and we know that our delegates apreciate the opportunities to spend time in discussion at the exhibit stands.

To all the delegates of 2009:

Thank you for your support, we hope that you found the conference helpful, informative and enjoyable and we hope to see you again in November!

Presentations from the first day of LAPC 2009 are now available to view a the link below courtesy of IET:



Due to the fantastic support from our existing Sponsors (see below) the Exhibition Stands in the four poster rooms were SOLD OUT in June so early reservation is advised for 2010.

Note, it is IEEE policy to only include papers in the proceedings when at least one author has registered for the conference. If you are travelling from outside the EU, please note that a visa application may take some considerable time and you are advised to apply as soon as possible. Please contact [email protected] for a letter confirming that you have registered.

 download the conference flyer Please click here to view photos of LAPC 2009.

Crucial Information for LAPC 2010 is summarised in the conference flyer.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us.

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