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LAPC 2005 Invited Papers, Poster Sessions & Photos

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Conference Papers
Conference papers can be purchased by contacting . The papers are charged at the following rate:

1 paper - 11.75 pounds sterling (inc. VAT)
2 papers - 18.80 pounds sterling (inc. VAT)
3 papers - 23.50 pounds sterling (inc. VAT)
Full 2005 or 2006 Proceedings on CD - 250 pounds sterling (inc. VAT)

 download adobe acrobat reader Invited Presentations

1.  Active Radar Antennas for Space
     Dr. Graham Cox, Astrium, UK.

2.  Applications of Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures
     Dr. Peter de Maagt, ESTEC, The Netherlands.

3.  Antenna Applications of SNG and DNG Metamaterials
     Prof. Rick Ziolkowski, University of Arizona, USA.

4.  Omni-Directional Roll UWB Monopole Antennas
     Dr Chen, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore.

5.  Antenna and Propagation Challenges for Ultra Wideband Wireless Systems
     Dr. Ben Allen, Kings College, University of London, UK.

6   UWB Antennas in Complex Multipath Conditions
     Prof. Tony Brown, The University of Manchester, UK.

7.  Antennas for MIMO Systems
     Mr. Brian Collins, Antenova Ltd., UK.
     Powerpoint version also available.

8.  Characterisation of Small Antennas and Active Mobile Terminals in Raleigh Fading by Using Reverberation Chamber
     Prof. Per Simon Kildal, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

9.  Advances in EBG Design Concepts Based on Planar FSS Structures
     Prof Douglas Werner, The Pennsylvania State University, USA.

10. Active Microwave Surfaces
     Prof. Barry Chambers, The University of Sheffield, UK

Vehicle & Radar Antennas

1.  RCS Modelling and Simulation of Curved Arbitrary Dielectric Surfaces
     S. Seker, G. Apaydin, R. Lang

2.  Two-Dimensional Stepped Height Luneburg Lens
     L. Xue, V. Fusco

3.  C.P. Wire Loop Axial Ratio Modification Using a Split Ring Circular Wire Ground Plane
     S.W. Simms, V.F Fusco

4.  Comparison of Measured and Computed Local Electric Field Distributions Due to Vehicle-Mounted Antennas
     A. Ruddle

5.  Planar PIFA Telematics Antennas
     R. Leelaratne, R. Langley

6.  Parasitic Diversity Antennas
     L. Low, R.J. Langley

7.  Development of a Phased Array Full Duplex - Conformal Cylindrical 10 GHz Antenna System Incorporating Radiation Pattern Optimization Algorithms
     N.C. Athanasopoulos, N.K. Uzunoglu

8.  Development of Azimuth and Elevation Switched Beam Smart Antenna
     F.E. Fakoukakis, A.A. Mavrides, S.E. Veronikis, G.A. Kyriacou, J.N. Sahalos

9.  63 GHz Antennas for Vehicular Applications
     B. Pirollo, T.Y. Lee, P. Gardner

11. Installation of an Antenna for Collision Warning on an Airborne Platform
      J. A. Lord, M. Sutcliffe

Application of Metamaterials

12. Left-Handed Media for Microwave Applications
      A. Cantora, E. Saenz, I. Ederra, R. Gonzalo, P. de Maagt

13. A Sub-Wavelength Omni-Directional Leaky-Wave Antenna Made of a Resonant Cylindrical Metamaterial Shell
      A. Alù, F. Bilotti, N. Engheta, L. Vegni

14. Experimental Verification of Wave Focussing from Metallic Wire Media
      S. Sudhakaran, Y. Hao, C.G. Parini

15. Novel Omni-Directional Wireless LAN Antenna Using Cylindrical EBG Structures
      G.K Palikaras, A. P. Feresidis, J. C. Vardaxoglou

16. Enhanced MEBG Patch Antenna Performance by Using a Closed-Edge EBG Substrate
      S. Tse, J. Batchelor, P. Young, R. Langley

17. Analysis and Design of Uniplanar Left-Handed Metamaterials
      Y. Guo, A. P. Feresidis, J. C. Vardaxoglou

18. Low-Sidelobe High-Gain Planar Resonant Cavity Antennas Based on Novel Aperture-Type EBG Surfaces
      S. Wang, A. P. Feresidis, J. C. Vardaxoglou

19. Analysis of Losses in Periodic L-C Mesh Metamaterials
      E. Brennen, A. Gardiner, A. Schuchinsky, V. F. Fusco

Ultra Wide Band Antennas & Systems

20. A High Throughput Short Range Transmission System Utilising Compact Patch Antennae
      T. Quinlan, S.E.M. Dudley, S.D. Walker

22. Characterization of Construction Materials for the Prediction of UWB Propagation: Frequency and Time Responses
      F. Sagnard, G. El Zein

23. Study of a Pulsed Communication Link Between UWB Conductive Antennas Modelled by Discrete Thin Wires
      F. Sagnard, G. El Zein

24. A Novel UWB Tapered Balun and Its Applications on Antennas
      Y.X Guo, Z.Y. Zhang, Y.F. Ruan, L.C. Ong, M. Y. W. Chia, X.Q. Shi

25. Design Analysis in a Planar UWB Circular Ring Monopole
      J. Liang, C.C. Chiau, X. Chen

26. Study of Tapering Effects on the CPW-Fed of a Circular Disc Monopole Antenna
      L. Guo, J. Liang, X. Chen, C.G. Parini

27. A CPW-Fed UWB Hexagonal Monopole Antenna
      P. Li, J. Liang, X. Chen

28. Various Beam Patterns for UWB Impulse Beamforming
      S. Ries, T. Kaiser

29. Comparison of Sub-Band FDTD and Ray Tracing Methods for UWB Indoor Propagation Modelling
      Y. Zhao, Y. Hao, C. Parini

30. Evaluation of UWB Antenna Concepts Based on Directional Indoor Channel Measurements
      W. Soergel, C. Kuhnert, W. Wiesbeck

31. A Measurement Based Spatial Correlation Analysis for MB-OFDM Ultra Wideband Transmissions
      J. Liu, B. Allen, W. Malik, D. Edwards

32. Performance Comparison of Four Different UWB Antennas
      P.R. Rogers, G. S. Hilton, H.W. W. Hunt-Grubbe, M. A. Beach

33. Antenna Elements for UWB Array Design
      E. E. Okon, J.C.G. Matthews, R. A. Lewis

34. On the Behaviour of Simulation-DFT Based Analysis for Spectral Estimation of PPM TH IR UWB Signals
      S. Villarreal-Reyes, R.M. Edwards

Small Antennas

35. Radiated Emissions from Bent Interconnects
      X. Liu, C. Christopoulos, D. W. P. Thomas

36. A Novel Spiral Antenna with Switch-Able Radiation Pattern Using Hybrid MEMS Network
      A. Mehta, D. Mirshekar-Syahkal, H. Nakano

37. A Polarisation Diversity PCB Antenna for WLAN Applications
      A. Muscat, C. J. Debono, E. V. Depasquale

38. The Effect of Ground Plane Size and Branch Off Point on the Performance of the Printed Multibranch Monopole
      M. John, M.J. Ammann

39. Optimisation of Gain and Axial Ratio for a Printed Elliptical Spiral with a Dielectric Superstrate
      S.K. Khamas, G. C. Cook

40. Tunable Impedance Transformer Using a Novel Variable Zc Transmission Line
      Y-H. Chun, J-S. Hong

41. Optimisation of a Broadband Dielectric Antenna
      Z. Wang, C. C. Chiau, X. Chen, B.S. Collins, S.P. Kingsley, S.C. Puckey

42. Electromagnetic Design of In-Line HIGH Power RF MEMS Switches for Reconfigurable Antennas
      E.P. McErlean, Jia-Sheng Hong, S.G. Tan, Y. H. Chun, Z.Cui, L. Wang, R.B. Greed, D. Voyce

43. Broadband Multi-Function Planar PIFA Antenna
      B. Sanz-Izquierdo, J. Batchelor, R. Langley

44. Slot Array Antenna Using Folded Waveguides
      B. Sanz-Izquierdo, P.R. Young, N. Grigoropoulos, J.C. Batchelor, R.J. Langley

45. Photonic Antenna Units Containing Bi-Directional Amplification for TDD and FDD in Picocell Systems
      I.J. Garcia Zuazola, J. Batchelor, R.J. Langley, A. Das, A. Nkansah, D. Wake, N. J, Gomez

46. GA Design of a Broadband Thin-Wire Bow-Tie Antenna
      C. Moreno de Jong van Coevorden, F. García Ruiz, M. Fernández Pantoja, S. G. García, A. Rubio Bretones, R. Gómez Martín

47. Dual-Band RFID Tag Antenna
      C.A. Diugwu, J.C. Batchelor, R.J. Langley

48. Feasibility of a Triple Mode, Low-SAR Material Coated Antenna for Mobile Handsets
      M.I. Kitra, C.J. Panagamuwa, P. McEvoy, J.C Vardaxoglou, J.R. James

Small Terminal Measurements

49. Round Robin Test of Active and Passive Small Terminal Antennas
      J. Carlsson

50. A Complementary Antenna for Handset Terminals
      J.M. Ide, S. P. Kingsley, S. A. Saario, R.W. Schlub, S. G. O'Keefe

51. A Compact Dual-Element PIFA Array for MIMO Terminals
      Y. Gao, C. C. Chiau, X. Chen, C.G. Parini

52. A Comparison of Three Methods to Determine the Efficiency of Terminal Antennas
      M. Arnold, O. Litschke, D. Manteuffel

New Frontiers in Periodic Structures

53. Multipole Models of a Loop Structure Above a Ground Plane
      U. Paoletti, W. John

54. Enhancing Radio Coverage Inside Buildings Using FSS
      D. C. Kemp, C. Martel, M. Philippakis, M.W. Shelley, R. A. Pearson, I. Llewellyn

55. A New Fast Method of Estimating FSS Parameters
      R. Dubrovka, J, Vasquez, C. Parini, D. Moore

56. Bandpass Frequency Selective Array Design and Its Effect on DCS1800-GPS Antenna Scattering
      X.F. Luo, P.T. Teo, C.K. Lee

57. Analysis and Design of FSS for GPS and DCS1800 Via Equivalent Circuit, Transmission Line and Smith Chart Approach
      P.T. Teo, X.F. Luo, C.K. Lee

58. Shorted Aperture Ring Frequency Selective Surface
      M. Jayawardene, R. Dickie, J.A. Flint, J.C. Vardaxoglou, R. Cahill, H.S. Gamble, V.F. Fusco, N. Grant

59. Slotted Coaxial Cables for Wireless Communications
      G. Addamo, R.Orta, D. Trinchero, R. Tascone, P. Gianola

Propagation and Simulation

60. Interference and Bio-effects of Antenna Farm
      S. Seker, F. Calliap Kunter

61. Rain Attenuation Distributions at 58 GHz - Measured and Calculated
      V. Kvicera, M. Grabner

62. Far-Field Reconstruction from Bi-Polar Data: an Effective Modelling of the AUT
      F. D'Agostino, F. Ferrara, C. Gennarelli, R. Guerriero, G. Riccio, C. Rizzo

63. Generalised Technique for the Simulation of Near Field Antenna Measurements
      C. Mitchelson, S.F. Gregson

64. The Effect of Weather Conditions on Transhorizon Propagation of UHF Radio Waves in the British Channel Islands
      S.D. Gunashekar, D.R. Siddle, E.M. Warrington

65. A Statistical Model for Pedestrian Movement Effects in an Indoor Environment at 5.2 GHz
      W. Scanlon, K.I. Ziri-Castro, N.E. Evans

66. A Comparison Between Pattern Search and Genetic Algorithms Applied to Low Sidelobe Level Phased Array Antenna Design
      S. Ebadi, K. Forooraghi, S. A. Sattarzadeh

67. Applicability of the CLASP Software for Installed Antenna Performance
      W. Arter, J.M. Archer, N.J. Brealey, P. Kirby, J.G. Morgan, D.I. Shepherd

68. New Techniques for FDTD Calculation of the SAR Induced in the Human Head by Wireless Communication Devices
      W. Simon, D. Manteuffel, A. Lauer

69. Radio Channel Characterisation and Antennas for On-Body Communications
      P.S. Hall, Y.I Nechayev, Y. Hao, A. Alomainy, M.R. Kamarudin, C.C. Constantinou, R. Dubrovka, C.G. Parini

70. Field-Strength Prediction in Urban Micro Cells
      R. Grosskopf

71. The Averaging Procedure of the Electrical Properties at the Interface of Dissimilar Tissues in the Human Head Using the FDTD Method at 1800 MHz
      W.G. Whittow, R.M. Edwards

72. Spherical Wave Expansion for a Circular Aperture in a Large Conducting Sphere
      E. De Witte, P. Brennan, H. Griffiths

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