The provisional conference programme for LAPC 2016 is now available to download.

Guest speakers 

We are pleased to announce the presentation titles for our invited guest speakers.

Monday 14th November


  1. Professor Yahya Rahmat-Samii, University of California, Los Angeles, 'Reflectarray Antennas: The Legitimate Children of Reflector and Array Antennas'

Advances in the use of Graphene for Antenna and Component Design

  1. Professor Yang Hao, Queen Mary University of London, Graphene Application for RF/Microwave to THz Frequencies
  2. Dr Antonio Lombardo, University of Cambridge, Graphene for High Frequency Electronics and the Internet of Things

Radar Sensing and Industrial Applications

  1. Professor Trevor Bird, Macquarie University, 'Designing Antenna Geometry for Performance in Sensor Applications'
  2. Professor Tony Brown, Manchester University, 'Advances in planar multi-octave array antennas'
  3. Dr Rob Lewis, BAE Systems, ‘Compact, Wideband Antennas for Industrial Applications

Tuesday 15th November


  1. Professor Vincent Fusco, Queens University Belfast, 'Antenna Array Analog Processor for Emerging Wireless Paradigms'

mm-Wave Antennas and Applications

  1. Professor Antti Räisänen, Aalto University, 'Suitability of roll-to-roll reverse offset printing for mass production of millimeter-wave antennas: progress report'
  2. Dr Alex Feresidis, University of Birmingham, 'MM-wave and THz metasurfaces and antennas '

Latest Developments in Antenna Measurements and Simulations

  1. Professor Thomas Eibert, Technische Universität München, 'Antenna Field Transformation with Directive Sources'
  2. Dr Tim Waterfield, Airbus Defence & Space, ‘Recent Developments in Satellite Telecommunications; Antenna Design and Analysis
  3. Professor Olav Breinbjerg, Technical University of Denmark, 'Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow'