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CST and Rohde & Schwarz would like to invite you to attend a FREE workshop titled "Measurement meets Simulation" at LAPC 2016, Loughborough, UK. The full day workshop includes both a hands-on session as well as presentations aimed to give engineers an insight on how to achieve accurate simulations and show best practice guidelines to getting better measurements. The lectures include:

  1. Material property extraction techniques
  2. Calibrating measurement and simulation for accurate comparisons
  3. Common pitfalls in the prototype design cycle
  4. Accurate characterisation of surface mount devices (SMDs) for simulation

The hands-on session gives the participants a chance to experience a design workflow by simulating and measuring selected microwave components, and includes:

  1. Workflow examples of a dual-patch antenna and feed network or a low-pass filter
  2. 3D Modelling and Simulation analysis in CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®
  3. Schematic layout and Simulation analysis in CST DESIGN STUDIO®
  4. Measurement of the prototypes with Rohde & Schwarz test equipment
  5. Comparing simulated and measured results

There will be ample opportunity to discuss technical questions with CST Staff throughout the day. A detailed programme and booking details will be available online very soon.